The Team

Our executive leadership team enjoys more than 100 years of joint industry experience. Our organizational structure is flat which ensures quick and effective communication and decision making allowing us every competitive advantage in bringing new products to market as quickly and safely as possible.

We have an established strong local and growing international footprint and are well-positioned to offer our partners novel product opportunities as well as excellent market access potential via a range of flexible business models.

Our experienced technical and regulatory team take care of all forms of dossier preparations and submissions, as well as offering complete peace of mind across the product value chain from IP protection to life-cycle management and pharmacovigilance solutions.

John Hallam


John is a trusted industry opinion leader and astute business owner.

John specializes in strategic modelling and marketing within the industry. He was previously CEO of Sandoz and prior to that, Managing Director of Pharmacare (Aspen) and CEO of Lennon Ltd, with 30 years experience in the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry.

Anita Smal


Anita specializes in Regulatory, Technical and Scientific Affairs.

Anita was previously Director for Quality and Scientific Affairs at Sandoz and is currently a member of the Industry Task Group, International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (IGBA), Science and Biosimilar committees and Chair of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines of Southern Africa (GBMSA) Scientific and Biosimilar Committee, with more than 25 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Lindie Marx

Technical Manager

Lindie specializes in Formulation, Technical and Scientific Affairs.

Lindie was previously Senior Manager, Scientific Affairs at Sandoz and prior to that Product Development Manager, specializing in various dosage forms and cosmetics with more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ed Hallam

Commercial Director

Ed is responsible for global Business Development and Marketing activities.

Ed has more than 10 years’ experience in the global pharmaceutical industry, with a key focus on marketing, product licensing, portfolio management, and strategic business development. Ed holds a cum laude Masters Degree in Commerce and a GIBS Executive MDP certification.

Bryce Robertson

Financial Director

Bryce is responsible for the overall financial and logistical administration of the Group.

Bryce has a B Com degree, and is well established in the accounting profession with almost 10 years’ experience as well as exposure to various industries and businesses at a mid to senior level.

Niel Holtzhausen

Head of Business Development

Niel is responsible for Business Development and Customer Relationship.

Niel holds a B.Pharm degree and has General Management qualification from UNISA. Niel has more than 20 years’ of experience in the local and global Pharmaceutical Industry extending across various sectors and he has held senior positions in Strategic Business Development, Product Development & Sourcing, Project Management and Customer Relationship.

Jacqueline Stevenson

Key Accounts & Sales Manager

Jackie specialises in Key Accounts Management, Sales and Marketing within the pharmaceutical industry.

Jackie is qualified with a BSc (Hons) and previously worked at various multinational and generic companies within the pharmaceutical industry.

Zelna Swart


Zelna specialises in Regulatory and Technical affairs.

She previously worked in the profession as hospital and retail pharmacist.

Lize Grobler


Lize specialises in Regulatory and Technical Affairs within the pharmaceutical industry.

Lize previously worked as a pharmacist in Quality Assurance and Manufacturing within the industry and prior to that in the hospital and retail sectors.

Chantal Sprinkhuizen

Administrative Assistant

Chantal is responsible for administrative assistance in the Scientific Affairs Division.

Previously Chantal worked in the administrative sector within the courier industry, including Customer Services, Staff Development and General Administration. Prior to this Chantal was employed in the Hospitality Industry.

Shannon Hallam

Finance and Administration Manager

Shannon is an experienced accountant providing oversight across the group financial functions

Shannon is qualified with a B.Comm and B.Accts (Hons). Previously worked in the profession (Deloitte) and also in commerce at various senior levels in Zimbabwe and South Africa