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Our Story, Our Vision, Our Values

After a successful corporate career Mr John Hallam founded ABEX Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd in 2006, and to this day we remain a privately-owned family-business with our roots in the South African pharmaceutical market. We are an organisation with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, and through our commitment to excellence have been fortunate enough to grow our footprint into various international markets.

Today ABEX has affiliate offices in Sydney, Shanghai, and London which include strategic joint ventures and cover our international operations in various geographies such as Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and South America. ABEX is an international company based in South Africa and, actively focussed on the development, management and commercialisation of intellectual property in the healthcare field at world class standards.

We pride ourselves in our core values and in forging meaningful personal relationships with like-minded partners, which in today’s marketplace we feel has proven to be a key competitive advantage. We invite you to look through our Vision, our Values, and our Mission statement

Quality Policy Statement

Abex Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd is committed to:

  • providing medicines, medical devices and related services that not only meet but consistently exceed customer expectations, while also complying with relevant regulatory and legal standards;
  • continually improve in everything we do, according to measurable objectives;
  • supplying medicines and medical devices that meet the defined standards of quality, safety, efficacy and performance;
  • adhering to an effective Quality Management System that benefits all our stakeholders and meets the latest cGMP and ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 requirements.
  • implementing a robust Vigilance System focused on enhancing patient safety by actively monitoring and reducing risks associated with all our medicines and medical devices.

We hereby demonstrate our commitment.

Yours faithfully

Edward Hallam

Innovative Healthcare Solutions


ABEX is a leading healthcare company based in South Africa and known internationally for its excellence in service, reliability, high quality, effective and innovative healthcare solutions. Our products are clinically proven to international standards. ABEX operates directly in South Africa and works internationally through the Edge Pharmaceutical group with a specific focus in Australasia, United Kingdom, China and selected European Union countries.


To provide innovative healthcare solutions so that:
EMPLOYEES wake up every day proud to go to work, have fun and learn lots of new things;

HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS select our products for their patients and clients with confidence;

PATIENTS recommend our products to family and friends;

PURCHASERS demand our products for their clients;

CLIENTS request our products and services and INVESTORS enjoy our business and seek long term returns.

Our Values

Respectful and strongly supportive
We respect and support one another in all we do in an open and honest environment.

Challenging in confidence and mutual trust
We will always be open to one another’s point of view and look for opportunities to change and improve in all we do.

Innovative and resourceful
We thrive on new opportunities and will always find solutions. No obstacle or problem will stop us in our quest.

Internationally aware
We have no boundaries.

Disciplined and fast
What we say, we do… and we do it reliably, faster and more effectively than anyone else.

ABEX Worldwide