Consumer Health Brands

ABEX provides a broad range of innovative  consumer health and non-prescription OTC brands that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. We work hard to bring our customers the latest formulations and medical technologies from around the globe. Many of our brands are internationally recognized and global market leaders.

COLDGUARD™ is clinically proven to protect against the common cold and can help shorten the duration of a cold by fighting the cold virus itself.

evaQwax™ is a scientifically formulated Ear Spray that helps to remove earwax build-up from the ear canal.

The powder nasal spray that keeps allergies, hay fever, airborne viruses, colds & flu away.

ORALMEDIC is a revolutionary new mouth ulcer treatment that alleviates mouth ulcer pain in seconds.

Pollentyme® Syrup relieves symptoms of hay fever, allergies and allergic skin conditions and is suitable for children

Pollentyme® Tablets relieves symptoms of hay fever, allergies and allergic skin conditions.

Sneezo™ has been scientifically formulated to help maintain immune function and combat seasonal and environmental reactions in adults and children.

Tiger Balm® provides temporary relief from muscular aches and pains, and stuffy noses.