Our Story, Our Vision, Our Values

After a successful corporate career Mr John Hallam founded ABEX Pharmaceutica (Pty) Ltd in 2006, and to this day we remain a privately-owned family-business with our roots in the South African pharmaceutical market. We are an organisation with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, and through our commitment to excellence have been fortunate enough to grow our footprint into various international markets.

Today ABEX has affiliate offices in Sydney, Shanghai, and London which include strategic joint ventures and cover our international operations in various geographies such as Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and South America. ABEX is an international company based in South Africa and, actively focussed on the development, management and commercialisation of intellectual property in the healthcare field at world class standards.

We pride ourselves in our core values and in forging meaningful personal relationships with like-minded partners, which in today’s marketplace we feel has proven to be a key competitive advantage. We invite you to look through our Vision, our Values, and our Mission statement

Innovative Healthcare Solutions


ABEX is a company built on the foundation of developing and sustaining long term strategic partnerships, which guarantee the integrity and success of intellectual property in the healthcare field. We offer innovative and unique solutions for the global healthcare industry, in conjunction with our selected strategic partners


We offer a unique range of innovative healthcare solutions that are carefully selected to satisfy our customers as well as ensure long term business growth and development on a global basis.

Our Values

We exist through our people’s ambitious innovation, consistent quality, honesty, reliability, speed and flexibility, enabling us to build and nurture long-term meaningful and strategic relationships with like-minded partners to the benefit of all.

ABEX Worldwide